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Marketing… or Just Plain Story Telling?

Story Telling

I just read an interesting article on about the art of story telling and it’s significance when it comes to business and it’s use as a marketing tool.  I think that as entrepreneurs we can often get stuck on our products and perhaps the numbers associated with them.  Take for instance a flashlight… if I were selling it I might highlight some of the features – the battery lasts for 10 consecutive hours, the light’s brightness is 500,000 candle power, the light is water proof, etc.  These are all great features, but do they really sell the product?  On the other hand if I can tell a story: Bob was hiking in the Alaskan wilderness in the dark and fell through the ice along with his trusty flashlight.  Luckily the water wasn’t deep, and because his flashStory Telling Firelight was still lit on the bottom, he was able to retrieve it and use it to gather some firewood quickly in order to warm himself when he was in immediate danger of hypothermia.  If Bob had a different flashlight, he would have been wandering aimlessly in the dark trying to find adequate firewood to start a desperately needed fire to warm himself.  Bob would have frozen to death and perhaps never have been found in the middle of this remote Alaskan wilderness.


 The Power of Story Telling

Hopefully you get my point, features of products may appeal to our intellect, but often our intellect isn’t as great a persuader as our emotions when it comes to making a purchase.  Stories touch our emotions and really good stories help us to relate to them.  The article I read gives a particular Kickstarter example of the power of story: One individual started out looking for $10 to make potato salad and yet made over $55,000 because of the story behind their idea.  Another question you might be asking is how does this relate to internet entrepreneurship.


 Story Telling and Content Marketing

One very effective means of reaching potential customers in the e-commerce world is content marketing.  Because we are all bombarded daily with various ads and other marketing techniques we have developed filters to help us eliminate and ignore most marketing ploys.  The marketer has to take a new approach to reaching consumers.  Instead of hitting consumers with mind numbing ads, why not create content (and this often means stories) that users will relate to and want to read or view.  According to the article, 2014 was “the year of the story,” and though we are now in 2015 I don’t see this trend letting up. If anything, I believe the power of story will only become more prevalent as consumers filter out more and more traditional marketing attempts.  This is good news for those of us who choose to use content marketing in our blogs, on our product pages, and in our e-commerce activities.  So next time you are tempted to talk about a products features, instead try and tell a story that your target market can relate to and see if the results don’t go beyond what you’ve expected.

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The Next Internet Revolution

Everyone wants the best price when making purchase and many people use the internet to find it.  Here’s the scoop… dealoz in my opinion is currently the best price comparison site on the web in terms of books, music, movies, video games, and electronics. Why???. Here’s the breakdown, dealoz is…

  1. User-friendly
  2. Provides Current & Relevant Shopping Information
  3. Extensive Price Comparison
  4. Quick and Easy to Use
  5. Most Extensive Price Comparison on the Web

What this list means to you the customer is that rather than having to shop around for the best price, you now have a convenient one stop shop. Dealoz is the Wal-mart of the internet. It has it all and for the lowest prices. Dealoz assembles current retails prices from both e-commerce and brick and mortar stores. From e-bay to Barnes & Noble, from Best Buy to Target, no retailer is left of of dealoz’s query. Dealoz even includes available coupons for each retailer in the search results. Any information one typically desires to know before making a purchase is clearly displayed.  deals

I am a satisfied customer myself. Even if dealoz becomes extinct I am confident it  is the way of the future. People are no longer going to spend time browsing the web for the best price. People are going to use one main site like dealoz to find the best price.

The Effect

With powerful price comparison websites becoming more common there is going to be a significant change in e0commerce. People are no longer going to be as concerned with the most user friendly site or customer loyalty. With the lowest price so easily discovered, the future key to successful e-commerce is price point. The ability to compare prices so eaily  is going to revolutionize the internet through competition.

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Internet Entrepreneurship & Building a Brand

It struck me today that one of the most successful brands I’ve ever seen, has been built by a college drop out, and I’m not talking Gates or Zuckerburg. I’m talking Johnny Cupcakes.

This New England native has built a brand with a cult following and rather than “selling out” for the quick pay day, he continues to build a company I admire more everyday. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him at his Newbury Street shop in Boston on a couple of occasions and you’d never guess you were bumping into the owner of the store.

Basically he sells T-shirts with cupcakes on them. Basically as he describes it, “I got off my bum and went for it”. You don’t need to have a million dollar idea you simply need to have the passion and desire to execute. His exclusive boutique has the feel of a bakery and t-shirts are limited edition. Take a glance around his website and you’ll see why this kid has succeeded. Great lesson in Internet Entrepreneurship, if you like his stuff, buy something through the online store!

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