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Facebook Official?

Facebook is the single largest social network on the planet. With well over a billion views per month the possible uses for this tool are incredible. One of the biggest questions asked by business owners in regards to Facebook is as follows, “Is Facebook professional enough to be used as a tool to promote my business?” To be completely honest there is no all-inclusive answer to that question. However, no matter what your business you certainly shouldn’t rule it out as being a valuable marketing asset.

There are a few unique ways to promote your business via Facebook. The two major ways to do so are Groups and Pages. Below is a graph that lays out some feature of both.

Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages

Ryan Herman shows a graph of facebook groups vs. pages(Graph provided by:

To be honest there are very few times when a company would not want to have a Facebook fan page or group. It may not be the most “professional” form of social media, but it may be one of the most effective. Whether a business creates a group or page themselves or it is created by a loyal customer, if it is done right it will help promote the company. As long as the content is favorable towards the business, people will react positively. With that being said, it is certainly safer to create your own page so that you may more easily regulate the content that is added, making sure everything is appropriate and constructive. Even if Facebook isn’t your number 1 form of social media, it certainly could be more beneficial then you think.

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Digg: Keeping Up with Current Events

For years internet surfers were forced to use mediums such as forums and blogs to share interesting web content.  That was before Digg.

Digg is a community of internet users devoted to finding fun, instructive, goofy, and all manners of sites and videos in order to filter quality web content from the swill.

A Digg user begins by posting a link and making a title.  It is then sent to the top of Digg’s list of “Upcoming” tab.  If anyone thinks the link is interesting they can “Digg” the link.  Based on the link’s popularity it will either get put on the front page of Digg in the “Popular” tab and on the front page of its respective category or it will eventually get thrown out.

I decided to see what the most popular Digg articles are in the past “365 Days” and as a result found an article that really stuck out to me.

This is the second most Digged article in the past year titled “The Story of Prisoner F95488.” It is a story about blatant racism going unanswered. It’s a story about what happens when nobody’s willing to stand up for what’s right.  The story of Eric Frimpong leaves a taste of absolute disgust in my mouth in regards to the American judicial system.

But since this is America and we’re all (at least for now) entitled to our own opinion go ahead and read for yourself…

Caption: “One’s a rising soccer star.  The other’s a self-described jealous boyfriend.  One had no physical evidence linking him to a rape.  The other had matched DNA and teeth marks.  One’s black.  The other’s white.  One was convicted.  The other was never a suspect.”

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Recon Instruments

In fall of 2010 Recon Instruments will take combining snowboarding and technology to a whole new level.  Below is a visual demonstration of the product Recon is making for this coming winter:


The goggles will allow you to view your cell phone screen, keep track of your speed, or check your vertical on a jump.

Also, once Recon coordinates with ski resorts and gets digital copies of the maps, you’ll be able to see where your friends are in relation to the mountain via GPS technology.  The Recon goggles will go on sale sometime this coming fall.


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Changing the Face of Facebook

Another new layout? Seriously? After what feels like several thousand design changes, Facebook has yet again changed the layout of their website. This endeavor was set in motion to create a more “simplified design and provide easy access to your entire Facebook experience.”

Here is a list of some of its new and reorganized features

The Top Menu

  1. Icons for requests, messages, and notifications light up at the top left corner of the website so you don’t miss anything new.
  2. The Account Menu contains links to important settings pages. It’s also where you can go to find help or log out.
  3. The Basics — Search, Home and Profile — are accessible on the top right of every page.

The New Left Bar Menu

  1. Core Features such as News Feed, Messages and your Friends – are now nicely organized at the top of the left bar menu, making it easier to keep up with what’s new.
  2. Applications you’ve bookmarked have moved up the page for easy access. The new Applications and Games dashboards allow you to play to your heart’s desire.
  3. Friends Online provides quick links to chat with your friends, or quickly go online yourself to show others your ready to talk. Facebook chat options are on the bottom bar.


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Kiva: Changing the World One Entrepreneur at a Time

Kiva has found the pain. Not only have they pinpointed the pain, but they have also found what seems to be a full proof method of helping other succeed with a money back guarentee for those that lend to the organization. kiva_logo2

Their four step program includes:

  1. Lenders browse profiles of entrepreneurs
  2. Kiva’s microfinance partners distribute the loans
  3. Over time: Entrepreneurs repay the loans
  4. Lenders get their money back and can re-loan to someone else in need

Kiva has certainly cured the pain! They have discovered a way in which they can give necessary capital to despirate entrepreneurs in third world countries, while also promising full repayment to lenders. Their indepth application process for potential entrepreneurs gives assurance to lenders that helps them know the avaliable entrepreneurs are hard workers and will re-pay all they are given.

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