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Reinventing the [Cart]Wheel

I don’t know about you but back in the 90’s I remember raiding the mail box and newspaper deliveries not for the comics or occasional kids magazines but instead for the flimsy flyers covered in advertisements and coupon deals. I loved using the colorful pictures for cutting and collage-making. When i was older, I actually started looking for coupons to utilize them but i never got tired of clipping coupons.

Today, however, you’re most likely to find the majority of coupon-clippers surfing the internet for those print-out deals or online specials. Target’s solution to the exodus of their money-saving shoppers was to develop their very own money-saving app;

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Making Silly Faces at a Moral Dilemma

I don’t own a smartphone. I don’t always understand the reasoning behind the newest apps and trendy games. I especially don’t understand the obsession with Temple Run, but that’s another story.
One newer smartphone app that has taken the SMS world by storm is Snapchat. When I first saw the childish ghost logo on my friend’s iPhone, all I could think was, “Wow this logo choice is random, cheesy, and childish—what could possibly be the draw here?”

While I still remain unsold on the true worth of the application, especially considering the distastefulness of the app’s original purpose, I’ve finally come to understand the point of the logo. Snapchat is an application by which smartphone users can take pictures of themselves and friends, set a time limit on the recipient’s ability to view the photo, and then instantly send it to a friend. This works much like a photo text message, however, with the snapchat application, the photo will delete itself after the set viewing time period is exceeded—it disappears, just like a ghost. 


This seemingly simple, straight-forward application has gone veritably viral, taking the smartphone community by storm. Despite the developer’s more promiscuous intentions for creating this application, Snapchat has been adopted primarily as a means of sending friends a quick laugh, sending silly faces that will soon disappear from message history, never to be recorded for posterity to use against anyone!

Though use of this application has become largely innocent and fun, there is still a huge community using the application for less appropriate purposes, leading me to the same question raised by many critics: is it really worthwhile to develop a technology that may be fun, but is also so easily twisted for less noble use?

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Taking Radio to the Next Level

Radio as we used to know it is a thing of the past…  Car radios have become an enabler for your FM transmitter so you can listen to your iPod while you drive.  With the notable exception of XM, the days of old school over the airwaves radio service is over, while Pandora is paving the road to the future.

Pandora is an internet radio service that allows you to choose a genre or song that you enjoy, and then based on your music choice plays different albums and artists as if you were listening to a radio except you miss out on the disk jockey and talk show hosts.

Pandora makes its profits from commercials that play on a cycle of x # of minutes and then have a premium service you can purchase with various perks to set it apart from the free service.

Another unique aspect to Pandora is that they have reached out to mobile phones such as the iPhone and the Droid by creating Pandora apps that allow users to listen to their favorite stations via their phone.

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iPhone Apps

Since the iPhone’s initial release in 2007 the iPhone has changed the way we  communicate and digitally interact, as well as turning cell phones into an interactive multimedia platform and an innovative social tool.

iPhone apps have created a huge virtual market that some internet entrepreneurs have managed to turn into huge profits.

There are apps for everything from keeping track of your sports teams (ESPN Scorecenter), trip planning (GoogleMaps), and time-wasters such as Tetris.

If you have a good idea that catches the interest of iPhone users, there’s a way to turn it into a profit whether it be through sale price or marketing.

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