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Who Are You?

Traditionally, the West has emphasized ability, experience and intelligence in its employees, thus recruiting individuals who place well in these categories. The East typically values personality and attitude, hiring new people that get along well with others and leave a great relational impression. We in America are beginning to learn just why this is important in the workplace. Today, many college graduates participate in personality tests so that potential employers can determine how they will or won’t fit in at the office and in customer interaction.

I recently tried out a few very different methods used by online personality quizzes and found them all very interesting and offering different perspectives. While not every quiz is completely accurate for every person, trying a few of them is fun and useful for getting to know yourself!

1.       Strategic Business Insights has a conventional question-and-answer format quiz called VALS™ that quickly determines your primary and secondary ‘types,’ or mindsets. The solution is given based on psychological traits and demographic information. I found my primary type to be very accurate but my secondary type to be slightly off-base.

2.       Youniverse bases personality results on your selection of a series of pictures that best describes your given attitude towards an idea. For example, I was asked which picture best described ‘freedom’ to me. Out of a dozen or so options, I selected the picture of an open road. Results seem to be best when you pick the first option that jumps out to you rather than taking much time to consider. This was my personal favorite of the three tests and I found it most accurate, as it analyzed different nuances of my personality rather than generalizing.

3.       Perhaps the most curious of these three, CareerPath bases its outcome on your attraction (or lack thereof) towards certain colors. You can easily access the quiz HERE. I was astounded at how much somebody’s personality can influence their preference of colors. While not spot on, the results I was given were incredibly accurate.

Take ten minutes to check out these sites and see what you think!

Read More – A Modern Resume Website is a free way to get your resume online.  It has recognized a need that LinkedIn does not fill. allows its users to upload videos to improve your resume. provides a well designed, easy to use application for giving you an online resume.  It tries to help give you an edge in the job marketplace by having a more interactive resume and attracting more employers.  They try to help you along the process so you won’t receive spam offers and so you can manage your resume.

Sirona Consulting recognizes that GlobalPitch is different, but it may not be different enough from other popular online resume sites such as LinkedIn.  The Houston Angel Network believes that GlobalPitch will have the ability to become profitable in the future.

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LinkedIn hit the nail on the head for a social media site that really is useful.  As a new user to linked in, i dont know alot of what it does but it is definately a site that i will be familiarizing myself with and using.


LinkedIn is a professional social media site that is geared towards creating job opportunities.  People create an account and say what their best at and what they want a job in, and then they select what types of jobs thier looking for.

As opposed to other social media sites, LinkedIn has a much more defined purpose.  You wont get alot of the negative stuff that goes with sites like facebook or myspace.  people want LinkedIn because it allows them to look for jobs, employees, or other colleauges.  As opposed to facebook and myspace, LinkedIn has a clear, defined purpose that brings a real need to its users.

Internet communities is becoming more and more popular, and as companies are beginning to look online for potential employees as well as customers, linkedin is a useful source to make yourself known and give a good first impression.

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The hunt is on – A job search directory

Many students are currently looking for jobs in tough times.  I have started a compilation of job search websites.  There are a lot of general job search providers that nearly everyone has heard about.  Some people may not know that job search directories may exist for individual industries. Since I am a computer science major, I have listed search engines that deal directly with information technology.

Feel free to post your favorite job search engines, especially job search engines in your field.  It will only take 5-10 minutes, and the list may be helpful to someone reading our blog.

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Are you Worth $100k?

I saw a commercial for on the Superbowl and immediately thought it was a great idea.  Theladders has a focused target market that has not been catered to in the online job search market.  Monster and CareerBuilder’s strength is their unmatched number of jobs, but theladders promises high paying jobs.


The people looking for 100K+ jobs up to this point probably haven’t been availing themselves of Monster and CareerBuilder, but with the economy as it is, many of these executives are now looking for jobs, and theladders provides just the place for them.  Theladders sends a clear message, “don’t waste your time elsewhere, we’ve prescreened the jobs, and we’ve got a lot that need someone as qualified as you.”

Theladders has done a great job of finding a need and presenting a clear solution.

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