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Marketing… or Just Plain Story Telling?

Story Telling

I just read an interesting article on about the art of story telling and it’s significance when it comes to business and it’s use as a marketing tool.  I think that as entrepreneurs we can often get stuck on our products and perhaps the numbers associated with them.  Take for instance a flashlight… if I were selling it I might highlight some of the features – the battery lasts for 10 consecutive hours, the light’s brightness is 500,000 candle power, the light is water proof, etc.  These are all great features, but do they really sell the product?  On the other hand if I can tell a story: Bob was hiking in the Alaskan wilderness in the dark and fell through the ice along with his trusty flashlight.  Luckily the water wasn’t deep, and because his flashStory Telling Firelight was still lit on the bottom, he was able to retrieve it and use it to gather some firewood quickly in order to warm himself when he was in immediate danger of hypothermia.  If Bob had a different flashlight, he would have been wandering aimlessly in the dark trying to find adequate firewood to start a desperately needed fire to warm himself.  Bob would have frozen to death and perhaps never have been found in the middle of this remote Alaskan wilderness.


 The Power of Story Telling

Hopefully you get my point, features of products may appeal to our intellect, but often our intellect isn’t as great a persuader as our emotions when it comes to making a purchase.  Stories touch our emotions and really good stories help us to relate to them.  The article I read gives a particular Kickstarter example of the power of story: One individual started out looking for $10 to make potato salad and yet made over $55,000 because of the story behind their idea.  Another question you might be asking is how does this relate to internet entrepreneurship.


 Story Telling and Content Marketing

One very effective means of reaching potential customers in the e-commerce world is content marketing.  Because we are all bombarded daily with various ads and other marketing techniques we have developed filters to help us eliminate and ignore most marketing ploys.  The marketer has to take a new approach to reaching consumers.  Instead of hitting consumers with mind numbing ads, why not create content (and this often means stories) that users will relate to and want to read or view.  According to the article, 2014 was “the year of the story,” and though we are now in 2015 I don’t see this trend letting up. If anything, I believe the power of story will only become more prevalent as consumers filter out more and more traditional marketing attempts.  This is good news for those of us who choose to use content marketing in our blogs, on our product pages, and in our e-commerce activities.  So next time you are tempted to talk about a products features, instead try and tell a story that your target market can relate to and see if the results don’t go beyond what you’ve expected.

To read the related article to this blog click here. Story Telling Could Bring Your Brand to Life and Strengthen Your Marketing Impact.

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Why Blog for Your Business?

Blogging used to be an online journal, a diary per se, for people to write about their thoughts and lives, but in recent history blogging has become an incredible business tool.

Almost every business out there has some kind of web presence now, even if they don’t all have their own personal websites, and in a world where it has become easy to find what you want when you want it through the internet, businesses have to make their websites stand out.  Blogs do that for entrepreneurs, particularly internet entrepreneurs who can’t rely on brick and mortar stores to draw potential customers in with window displays and sale signs.  Blogs keep potential customers coming to your website even when they don’t plan on making any purchases, and also make your customers feel as though they know you and can trust you.

One characteristic common to most entrepreneurs is that you know how to sell yourself, whether it be to potential investors, customers, or suppliers.  It can be difficult to sell yourself to potential customers, specifically in the realm of internet entrepreneurship because you aren’t meeting face to face with customers and the only impression that they get of you is from your website.  Your blog lets potential customers feel like they know you and shows that you are knowledgeable in your realm of business.  Blogs keep foot traffic moving through internet business’s websites and builds strong customer relationships.

For more reasons why blogs are worth your time and incredibly important to a business, as well as for information on Podcasts and business, check out this article from Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Be in the Now: Super Sleek Web Design

As an entrepreneur, you know that your website’s design communicates your company’s brand image  to the masses. The million dollar question: How do you design your site to grab your customers’ attention and pull them from your competitors?

One answer that is quickly rising to the top is image-based, super sleek web design. This visually arresting style evades the traditional by combining minimalist typefaces,  high resolution, rich contrast, single image backgrounds, and scrolling or roll-over navigation.

The nature of such aesthetically concerned websites makes this style  most beneficial to businesses that are trying to differentiate their services from competitors’ through brand image. Some examples are real estate brokers or law firms.

But don’t fear, such super sleek design is pliable. Other successful proponents include hard goods companies, personal websites, museums, architecture firms, and e-commerce websites.

The bottom line: If you want your website to stand out, learn from the best and use bold, sleek design.

Check out these examples of beautiful sites and see for yourself.


The Diehl Group – Architecture Firm

Sleek Website Design








De Certeau & Associates – Legal Firm

Sleek Website Design








CG Rendering – Design Firm

Sleek Website Design








Shelley Sandzer – Real Estate Agency

Sleek real estate website design








Inzeit – Mobile Retail Firm              Warning: this site’s navigation is AWESOME

Sleek mobile design website








Grey Goose – Liquor Company

Sleek liquor company website design








Salt Surf – Surf Lifestyle Brand

Sleek surf company website design








Grayden and Jenny – Wedding Website

Sleek wedding website deisgn








Anna Safroncik – Personal Website

Sleek personal website design








Rijksmuseum – Museum

Sleek museum website design








Tommaso Nervegna – Personal Blog

Sleek personal blog website design








Vanmoof – Bicycle Manufacturer

Sleek ecommerce website design

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Are you remarkable? Ditch the resume!

Marketing guru Seth Godin recently made a shocking statement…

Seth Godin’s blog“I think if you’re remarkable, amazing or just plain spectacular, you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all.

Go read his blog post and learn why you shouldn’t have a resume and the 4 things you can do to impress a future employer.

Quick tip: Seth’s blog is a really great resource for anyone who does anything remotely related to marketing (i.e. anyone in business)

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