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What's all the BUZZ about?

A brand new social networking site was launched several days ago by Google, called Buzz. Google Buzz is a new way to share updates, photos, videos, and start conversations about the things you find interesting. If you own a Gmail account, you’re already set up to follow the people you email and chat with the most. This new tool comes with many features that implicate dramatic change within the social networking/media arena. Over the past couple weeks, data shows that “over 160,000 Google Buzz posts and comments per hour.” But why is this social networking site so popular? How is Google Buzz different than Twitter or Facebook?

Here are some of its new features that distinguish Buzz from Twitter and Facebook:


  • Integrated with one of the most widely-used email services on the planet.
  • One less browser window and one less login.
  • Email, chat, and social media functions are in one place.

Smart Auto-following

  • Auto-detects the contacts that you communicate with most and immediately follows them.

Instant Fullscreen Media Viewing

  • Shows pictures and video immediately viewable from the Buzz feed in fullscreen mode.

Choosing Media Associated with Links

  • Pulls pictures and video from the pages posted and lets you choose what media to post with the link.

Location-Based Posting and Results

  • Translates the latitude and longitude of your exact location into a place name and can identify if you are at home or at work.

Instantaneous Privacy Settings for Posts

  • Provides a simple dropdown box in the posting window that lets you easily change privacy settings for each post.


  • Identify posts from friends of a friend that may be interesting to you based on past behavior.  They are easily ignorable as well.

Relevancy Rankings for the Google Buzz Feed

  • Identifies the relevancy of each post based on what the post contains, who and how many people have commented on it and the location of the sender. If it is interesting, according to your taste (through likes and dislikes), it goes to top of news feed.

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Referrals Made Easy: StumbleUpon

Before Web 2.0, it would cost a lot of money to drive traffic to a website. Pay-per-click programs and web banners/ads were the cutting edge and came with a significant investment. Web 2.0, however, introduced a variety of tools to do more with less. is an online community of user-generated referrals. Just as friends refer one another to trusted businesses/products, StumbleUpon users refer one another to useful, interesting websites. Users refer and rate these websites using two buttons, a “thumbs-up” and “thumbs-down.”

Rather than “word of mouth,” it’s a “click-of-a-mouse.”


For the growing web-business, using StumbleUpon is a free way to not only generate traffic to your site but also to receive relevant feedback. When users comment about your website on, utilize this information to improve your website. Lastly, make sure to thank them by commenting on their StumbleUpon page. Remember, five years ago you would have written a check to receive such feedback.

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Managing Your Brand Image Using LinkedIn

In his book, Effective Networking, Michael Hughes says the first five seconds of meeting someone new is the time when each party forms the most important perception about the other. The first impression is crucial to successful negotiating, interviewing, and networking.

online_business_networkingWhat would you do differently to make your first impression a good one?

You can make a good impression prior to arriving; forming your brand image begins before sitting in the interview chair and even prior to the all-important handshake. Give important appointments a chance to view your personal page at LinkedIn or read your blog. The first five seconds is still critical, but social media tools can relieve some of the pressure.

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Are you Worth $100k?

I saw a commercial for on the Superbowl and immediately thought it was a great idea.  Theladders has a focused target market that has not been catered to in the online job search market.  Monster and CareerBuilder’s strength is their unmatched number of jobs, but theladders promises high paying jobs.


The people looking for 100K+ jobs up to this point probably haven’t been availing themselves of Monster and CareerBuilder, but with the economy as it is, many of these executives are now looking for jobs, and theladders provides just the place for them.  Theladders sends a clear message, “don’t waste your time elsewhere, we’ve prescreened the jobs, and we’ve got a lot that need someone as qualified as you.”

Theladders has done a great job of finding a need and presenting a clear solution.

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I heard about LinkedIn a while ago, but never seriously considered joining.  A few weeks ago, I “joined the network” and started playing around.  The first thing I did was gather together as many business cards as I could from my desk drawers and start sending out invitations.  After only a few days, I had a dozen or so contacts, a few of whom I have engaged in conversation with already.  After thinking, it seems strange that something like this did not come about sooner.  Businesses are built on networks, and personal contacts are a vital part to any career.  LinkedIn automates this process.  As businesses move more towards the internet, sites such as this will have no choice but to thrive.

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