In class we touched on using Facebook to profile yourself to an employer. I'd like to take that a step further… Currently, as you are going into the job market, the key to your success is "differentiation". I submit that one of the best things you can do is give your prospective employer a web address to your site that showcases your "core competencies". This site should just be, "" and could simply be your contact information and a short bio about you. As you progress in your career, you could add your references, a portfolio, a paragraph about your talents. Give them something to relate to you as a human being. The last thing you want to be is another bland resume in the stack. If you are going into anything in the broad E-commerce field, (esp. SEO, SEM, SMO) networking is key! On your site have icons to take people to your resume on LinkedIn or your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or Sphinn. Reputation Management via Google Your future employer is very likely to "Google" you. (60% do!) If you have a personal site, when they punch in your name, your site will be almost guaranteed to show up first. This is a key step to take now to ensure your good name. Your reputation is everything in this 21st century job market. Reputation management is an expanding field and absolutely necessary to ensure your most valuable and irreplaceable asset is not damaged. Remember you are a "Brand". A great tip from lifehacker is to set-up a Google Alert for your name. Then, whenever a new item gets added to Google with your name in it you get an email and link. Tip: use quotes around your name in the alert. Comment and tell me what I'm missing? Am I crazy?

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