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New Carbon Offset Website Empowers Social Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered how big a carbon footprint you leave when you throw away a Snickers wrapper?  Well I definitely haven’t and I honestly don’t care, but if you do there’s a tool out there for social entrepreneurs to take advantage of and make an impact.

Carbon Advice Group is a web community that allows individuals to create micro-sites and share new ways of reducing carbon foot-printing.

This site makes it easy for environmental activists to share information with friends, family, and coworkers while at the same time opening doors for them to further their knowledge by taking advantage of the micro-sites of other carbon footprint enthusiasts.

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Faces of Social Entrepreneurship

After entering “Social Entrepreneurship” into the Digg search engine, one of the most popular items I found was an article off the New York Times written last year about entrepreneurs making an impact on society.

The story of Michael Gainer really stuck out to me as a shining example of a young entrepreneur giving back to his community.  A 34-year old resident of Buffalo, Michael has turned Buffalo’s plans to destroy over 10,000 houses over the next 10 years into an environmentally friendly way of reusing old building materials.

Buffalo ReUse collects old and unused building materials and sells them to craftsmen that can use them such as carpenters and metalworkers, putting to use what would otherwise be wasted.  Gainer also goes out of his way to hire young people from the Buffalo area to fill marketing and graphic design positions in order to mentor them and develop young talent.

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The Power of Social Entrepreneurship


The Worlds at Your Fingertips

The World is at Your Fingertips

Social Entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing mega market in the Internet realm.  Millions of the needs of people are being addressed across the globe and their lives are being made better through the social entrepreneurship on the Internet.  So what is “Social Entrepreneurship”?


  • connects people globally weather it just be for the means to communicate with friends (Facebook) share knowledge (Ultimate-Guitar) keep people updated on whats going on (Twitter) or get loans to start a small business (Kiva).
  • level of success not necessarily measured by how much money it makes but by how it affects people
  • It makes the world smaller!


Social entrepreneurship has so much power in the world today, and many people are even becoming rich off of it.  There is such a buzz around social media today that the people who found the sites are millionaires and billionaires (Mark Zuckerburg- Facebook).  


Social entrepreneurship, while not a particularly  difficult topic to understand, it is often difficult to be successful in creating  a social media website.  The biggest key to social entrepreneurship is finding the pain.  Find a need and fix it! Find a gap and connect it!

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Kiva: There's Still Some Good Left in the World

You could help Ashley start her business! When we got our intial weekly assignment to blog about, I was very curious to investigate the site.  I had heard the name thrown around by some professors and each time, it was met with  many approving headnods from students.  But why, I wondered, were students so quick to give Kiva a thumbs up?  Was it because they applauded Kiva’s mission to provide micro-loans to entrepreneurs in third world countries or was it more shallow than that?  Were people so quick to commend Kiva’s efforts becaue they wanted to be viewed by their peers as an active member of society?

Regardless of their motives, I think Kiva provides a much needed service that will have an even bigger impact than investors could ever imagine.  To Americans living in such a blessed nation, an amount like $125 is not pocket change, but I’ve known friends who have spent more money on custom made jeans.  When you visit Kiva’s website and read the powerful, personal testimonies of what an impact a few dollars can have on a person’s life, you realize that Kiva exists to be more a pat-on-the-back organization. 

The numbers speak for themselves: with over 3,000 entrepreneurs funded every week through Kiva, people are catching the funding fever and donating more than ever.  When donating to Kiva’s powerful mission, you will be helping change the world, one micro-loan at a time.  Whether you decide to finance someone’s emerging business for the tax benefits or to get a a warm fuzzy feeling inside or because you genuinely want to help, the important thing is that you do it. 

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Kiva: Changing the World One Entrepreneur at a Time

Kiva has found the pain. Not only have they pinpointed the pain, but they have also found what seems to be a full proof method of helping other succeed with a money back guarentee for those that lend to the organization. kiva_logo2

Their four step program includes:

  1. Lenders browse profiles of entrepreneurs
  2. Kiva’s microfinance partners distribute the loans
  3. Over time: Entrepreneurs repay the loans
  4. Lenders get their money back and can re-loan to someone else in need

Kiva has certainly cured the pain! They have discovered a way in which they can give necessary capital to despirate entrepreneurs in third world countries, while also promising full repayment to lenders. Their indepth application process for potential entrepreneurs gives assurance to lenders that helps them know the avaliable entrepreneurs are hard workers and will re-pay all they are given.

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