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twitter, just one more way to disconnect with your friends

I just signed up for a twitter account, spent 30 min looking around, and as soon as I’m done with this post I’ll disable it.  I’m always sceptical of online social networks because although they claim to strengthen relationships with people, they don’t.  To be honest, I have a Facebook, but I don’t expect it to strengthen my friendships, in fact the only real benefits I see from it is the ability to look at people’s photos and be able to find/get in contact with people that you don’t see on a regular basis. 

After watching the “Twitter in plain English” video on Twitter’s homepage I thought that maybe Twitter would be a helpful tool to help connect with people in meaningful ways.  After surfing Twitter for about 30 min, I’ve decided that although there is potential for this, nobody seems to use it this way.  Twitter is a just a message board for away messages.

Time spent on Twitter checking on people’s status has little to no value and in reality is time spent away from real interaction with people.

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Facebook: A Thief in the Night


Facebook is harmless. Not. facebook is not just the simeple “social media tool” that people like to say it is.  It causes more problems than good.  The biggest problem with facebook is that it is a huge time thief.  People spend countless hours uploading pictures, changing status’, writing wall posts, toying around with applications or “facebook stalking”.  It becomes a trap that people get caught up in and even becomes addictive.  many people will check their facebook page more than every hour of everyday!  The amount of time that people spend on this social network tool could be used to do something productive such as learn an instrument, actually hang out with friends in person, or do something active. 

Along with wasting peoples valuable time, facebook also gets a lot of people in trouble.  There are countless times where Ive seen people find their girlfriend or boyfriend with someone else in their facebook pictures and it always just causes a big fight. Many students will be on facebook during class and wont be paying attention to lectures, causing them to either have to cheat on tests or get poor grades, and probably the biggest trouble Ive seen facebook cause is when pictures from parties get posted. Ive even seen someone get suspended from school because he was at a party that wasn’t even school related but someone in the schools disciplinary department found out about it and it cost him a one week suspension. 

I do have a facebook account myself, but as time goes on and more and more applications are being added as well as more people joining the network that you dont want to be nosing around your personal life (ie parents or elementary kids) i really have stayed away from it.  ive seen it cause so many problems and just waste peoples time that i really dont want to become caught in it.  While facebook may be fun for a little while, it is not a productive use of time and causes more problems that good.  Dont let yourself be the next victim of this thief in the night.

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That's My Mouse!

This is an incredibly neat little widget I stumbled across today. It's only been live for about a month now so I figured it was worth a little write-up.

"ThatsMyMouse" is a tool that allows users on your site to see not just their own cursors, but the location of anyone else's cursor who happens to be browsing the site simultaneously! Users have the option of enabling or disabling ThatsMyMouse and are even able to chat with other users on the page via a little chat window and little word bubbles that appear above their cursor's marker. If a users cursor does not move for a certain amount of time the user will be designated as idle and the marker will show a little "zzzz." The novelty of it all is certainly fun. You can check it out for yourself with a little demo here:

ThatsMyMouse Demo

I'm not really sure if this is actually something that will catch on. It brings to mind visions of popular sites cluttered with cursor markers, and I'm not sure how this would effect a sites performance. Of course there is always the option to turn it off, so if you don't want to see those cluttering markers you don't have too…

Something like this could perhaps have place if integrated with a network like digg or stumble upon. Sort of a "real time tagging" sort of thing. I'm interested how you guys think this will fit into the web 2.0 trend, so throw out some comments if you've got an idea!

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