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Challenges of Starting a new website Part 2 (solution)

In my previous Post Challenges of Starting a new website Part 1.  I talked about my new website My Weekend Trip Planner and how difficult it is to get your website discovered.  It is very difficult to get that initial traffic to the sight especially because SEO is really hurt by the fact that the site is so new. It is important to build the traffic to your site at least initially through other sources then just search engine.  These ways can be things like word or mouth or paid advertisements.  One of the ways I have found that works the best is social media.  Social media is extremely important especially for discovering a website.  You need to use social media to create a buzz for example on My Weekend Trip Planner when I launched the site I changed my status on Facebook to announce the launch of my new site.  I also tweeted it.  I received 30 visits from that in 4 hours.  This is perfect example of you can use social media to tell people about your site hopefully they will then tell their friends and the result can be viral.  This will then increase the likely hood people liking to you and before you know have a powerful website.

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Facebook Official?

Facebook is the single largest social network on the planet. With well over a billion views per month the possible uses for this tool are incredible. One of the biggest questions asked by business owners in regards to Facebook is as follows, “Is Facebook professional enough to be used as a tool to promote my business?” To be completely honest there is no all-inclusive answer to that question. However, no matter what your business you certainly shouldn’t rule it out as being a valuable marketing asset.

There are a few unique ways to promote your business via Facebook. The two major ways to do so are Groups and Pages. Below is a graph that lays out some feature of both.

Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages

Ryan Herman shows a graph of facebook groups vs. pages(Graph provided by:

To be honest there are very few times when a company would not want to have a Facebook fan page or group. It may not be the most “professional” form of social media, but it may be one of the most effective. Whether a business creates a group or page themselves or it is created by a loyal customer, if it is done right it will help promote the company. As long as the content is favorable towards the business, people will react positively. With that being said, it is certainly safer to create your own page so that you may more easily regulate the content that is added, making sure everything is appropriate and constructive. Even if Facebook isn’t your number 1 form of social media, it certainly could be more beneficial then you think.

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Digg: Keeping Up with Current Events

For years internet surfers were forced to use mediums such as forums and blogs to share interesting web content.  That was before Digg.

Digg is a community of internet users devoted to finding fun, instructive, goofy, and all manners of sites and videos in order to filter quality web content from the swill.

A Digg user begins by posting a link and making a title.  It is then sent to the top of Digg’s list of “Upcoming” tab.  If anyone thinks the link is interesting they can “Digg” the link.  Based on the link’s popularity it will either get put on the front page of Digg in the “Popular” tab and on the front page of its respective category or it will eventually get thrown out.

I decided to see what the most popular Digg articles are in the past “365 Days” and as a result found an article that really stuck out to me.

This is the second most Digged article in the past year titled “The Story of Prisoner F95488.” It is a story about blatant racism going unanswered. It’s a story about what happens when nobody’s willing to stand up for what’s right.  The story of Eric Frimpong leaves a taste of absolute disgust in my mouth in regards to the American judicial system.

But since this is America and we’re all (at least for now) entitled to our own opinion go ahead and read for yourself…

Caption: “One’s a rising soccer star.  The other’s a self-described jealous boyfriend.  One had no physical evidence linking him to a rape.  The other had matched DNA and teeth marks.  One’s black.  The other’s white.  One was convicted.  The other was never a suspect.”

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Texas Punk Gone Entrepreneur

I lived in San Antonio, Texas from age 7-10, and this past summer I went back to an old friend’s wedding.  While visiting got to hang out with Sean, one of my close friends from my days in Texas.

In catching up with him, I found out that over the past two years he has developed his own computer repair service.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is not your average “I reset my neighbors wireless router” repair service.  This kid has clientele all over the city, gets away with charging $50/hour, and drives a 2007 Ford Mustang.

Sean uses both a personal website and Facebook Page to market his business.  He has over a dozen personal reviews on his own personal site attesting to his greatness.  This guy has no employees and doesn’t contract out any of his advertising because he does it all himself.

As a result of his hard work and successful marketing, Sean is working 10-20 hours a week and making around $35000/year while playing in a Christian rock band that’s about to get signed to a major record label.  Pretty impressive what a 21 year old with no college experience can do when he puts his mind to something.

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Digg: Aren't Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Enough?

I am going to be honest, I have never been to before. Yet, realizing that I was required to write about it, I decided it might be time. For what seemed like minutes, I browsed, read, and watched their content brought in from thousands of different websites. But, it wasn’t minutes, it was two hours. After looking at the clock, I sat back in my chair and thought to myself, “this could be bad.”

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