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StumbleUpon Something New

The other day I was searching around the web looking for something to write about and decided to check out I had heard a lot about the site but had never actually used it. StumbleUpon is a website that allows you to select your areas of interest and then begin “stumbling” onto random web pages that fall into your interest categories by clicking the button at the top of the page.

I ended up spending close to 45 minutes clicking the Stumble button and finding new sites, pictures and videos relating to my interests. The best part was that for the most part, I found the content which StumbleUpon suggested to be very interesting to me. And if I didn’t like it, I could just click the Stumble button again and didn’t have to waste any time trying to find something new on my own. One of the funniest sites I found using StumbleUpon was the following list of real quotations from courtrooms:

If you have never used StumbleUpon before, I would highly recommend checking it out. You never know what new, interesting content you will find with it.

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Referrals Made Easy: StumbleUpon

Before Web 2.0, it would cost a lot of money to drive traffic to a website. Pay-per-click programs and web banners/ads were the cutting edge and came with a significant investment. Web 2.0, however, introduced a variety of tools to do more with less. is an online community of user-generated referrals. Just as friends refer one another to trusted businesses/products, StumbleUpon users refer one another to useful, interesting websites. Users refer and rate these websites using two buttons, a “thumbs-up” and “thumbs-down.”

Rather than “word of mouth,” it’s a “click-of-a-mouse.”


For the growing web-business, using StumbleUpon is a free way to not only generate traffic to your site but also to receive relevant feedback. When users comment about your website on, utilize this information to improve your website. Lastly, make sure to thank them by commenting on their StumbleUpon page. Remember, five years ago you would have written a check to receive such feedback.

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When the internet stumbles upon you!


These days time is money. No one has any time to search through all the millions of sites on the internet to find things they are interested…. But what if the internet did the foot work for you??? It seems too good to be true. 

However, the founders of stumble upon have done just this. Now the internet is not only helpful with its abundant amount of information, but now there is also a search engine that does the searching for you. They understand that our time is precious and instant satisfaction is what we desire to have.

They created a personalized site that allows you to hand pick the topics that interest you. This helps them bring you exactly what you want to read. If you don’t like what they are finding for you, all you need to do is reject the selection and your search is refined. The more feedback you give, the more personal your search becomes.

After visiting StumbleUpon I no longer want to stumble through the internet on my own….I’ve desided to let StumbleUpon do the hard work for me!!

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Tripped up by StumbleUpon

trip-signsStumble upon might be the best website ever created… if you have time to kill.  it can be an even bigger time theif than facebook or playing internet games. although it can be a huge waste of time, if used correctly, it can be very useful as well.  its not great for research, but you can learn alot of things from it. 

StumbleUpon is a website that creates a collection of otherwebsites that you may like. you tell it your preferences or what you are interested in, and it will provide you with a list of websites that have to do with that topic.  some of the categories are technology, sports, news, business, health, etc…  you can select one or multiple topics and it will keep you up to date on new stuff.  it will also just give you a list of new popular sites, or popular links on sites such as a youtube video.  Its a great site for exploring and killing time and if you use it correctly you can find some interesting information.

the problem wish stumble upon is that its not really a site you go to with a purpose of finding some specific information, hence it is a huge time thief.  I visited the site for the first time the other day and before i knew it i had wasted an hour of may day and hadn’t paid attention for an entire class.  there was alot of funny stuff, interesting information about new technology, recipies, etc…  but since i didnt really have a plan and just went to explore the site without a purpose, i accomplished nothing really except maybe learning a few new interesting facts and getting a good laugh.

I like StumbleUpon much better than facebook and other social networking sites becasue i feel as though StumbleUpon is much more harmless.  your not snooping around other peoples lives and it cant get you in trouble like facebook can.   of course you can find trouble anywhere if you look for it, but i think that StumbleUpon is much more harmless in itself.  great site for internet exploring but user-beware and keep an eye on the time!

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What can we learn from StumbleUpon Founders?

1 of 3 StumbleUpon Founders

Garrett Camp, 1 of 3 StumbleUpon Founders

I was reading an interview with one of the founders of StumbleUpon when I realized a lot can be learned from their experiences.

It all started with a pain that they were experiencing.  Search engines were very useful, but they were not effective at discovering new websites.  With technical ability and a well-planned vision, the founders were able to convert their idea into a product.

There were other aspects that led to the success of StumbleUpon. Garrett Camp says that good Web 2.0 businesses all start with a great idea.  He also says that the best thing when starting a new business is working with friends and people you trust.

An interview with Justin LaFrance from StumbleUpon shows that “Keep[ing] your costs down, get constant feedback, develop incrementally,” are the be insights for starting your own Web 2.0 project.

In Summary,

  • A great product is absolutely the most important thing”
  • Work with friends and people you trust
  • Keep your costs down
  • Get constant feedback
  • Develop incrementally
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