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Grove City Lacrosse Joins the Twitter Nation!

Lacrosse is a special sport that many would consider to be a gruesome and violent. Now what happens when that same gruesome and violent sport has a team that hits the big-time? Well, I’ll tell you what they do… They get a twitter! Yes, that’s right folks! Grove City Men’s Lacrosse team has a twitter and has been tweeting since last year’s semi-final appearance in the conference playoffs. This is a promising year for the Wolverine’s after last year’s winning season and many agree that Grove City is a team to watch this season in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA).

This week, in the division 2 polls, Grove City is ranked 11th in the nation after beating number 9, Elon, and number 15, Scad, in a round-robin play-date this previous weekend. So go to GCC Men’s Lacrosse twitter page and follow as their dreams to win their final game, God willing, at Denver Colorado’s national tournament become a reality.

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What's all the BUZZ about?

A brand new social networking site was launched several days ago by Google, called Buzz. Google Buzz is a new way to share updates, photos, videos, and start conversations about the things you find interesting. If you own a Gmail account, you’re already set up to follow the people you email and chat with the most. This new tool comes with many features that implicate dramatic change within the social networking/media arena. Over the past couple weeks, data shows that “over 160,000 Google Buzz posts and comments per hour.” But why is this social networking site so popular? How is Google Buzz different than Twitter or Facebook?

Here are some of its new features that distinguish Buzz from Twitter and Facebook:


  • Integrated with one of the most widely-used email services on the planet.
  • One less browser window and one less login.
  • Email, chat, and social media functions are in one place.

Smart Auto-following

  • Auto-detects the contacts that you communicate with most and immediately follows them.

Instant Fullscreen Media Viewing

  • Shows pictures and video immediately viewable from the Buzz feed in fullscreen mode.

Choosing Media Associated with Links

  • Pulls pictures and video from the pages posted and lets you choose what media to post with the link.

Location-Based Posting and Results

  • Translates the latitude and longitude of your exact location into a place name and can identify if you are at home or at work.

Instantaneous Privacy Settings for Posts

  • Provides a simple dropdown box in the posting window that lets you easily change privacy settings for each post.


  • Identify posts from friends of a friend that may be interesting to you based on past behavior.  They are easily ignorable as well.

Relevancy Rankings for the Google Buzz Feed

  • Identifies the relevancy of each post based on what the post contains, who and how many people have commented on it and the location of the sender. If it is interesting, according to your taste (through likes and dislikes), it goes to top of news feed.

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Twitter is on the decline…

I am predicting that facebook, as it continues to grow, will begin to replace Twitter fully and completely. Since facebook has had status updates, it has one up on Twitter, in that you have a full profile and other forms of comunication along with your status updates. Especially now that facebok has added the new “comment” option to just about everything (including status updates) it has basically become the same thing as Twitter. I think that Twitter will eventually go under though, because facebook has so much more to offer. It’s a great idea and all, but unless Twitter does something soon to vamp up what they have to offer, I think Facebook will claim another victim in the world of the internet. Does anyone else have any other ideas?

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To Tweet, Or Not To Tweet

Twitter reminds me of a dumbed-down social networking site. The simplified design only allows for status updates and subscribing to see friends’ updates. The best use of the website is as a form of RSS reader. I started my account because one of my favorite blogs had started posting up-to-the-minute news to the site. As a tool for connecting with friends online, it is nearly useless. Many times, it serves only to provide you with mundane details of people’s lives. The 140 character limit makes it hard to post good quotes.

My roommate was one of the few people I bothered to add during my short time using Twitter. I would watch him type into his computer and then get up to leave the room. Seconds later I would get an update telling me he was out of the room, something I already knew. Oftentimes, my twitter status was the same as my status in my chat client and all of the people who could see my twitter were also on my buddy list.

The whole idea of Twitter seems redundent in the current social networking market. It really brings nothing new to the table except for fewer features. The streamlined design was appealing, but it was not worth remembering another set of login information.

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What is the point of Twitter?

As I signed up, I asked myself “What is the point of Twitter?”  Despite my lack of knowledge on the application, I went ahead and made my first “tweet”.

Within 5 minutes, I had a follower.  Really??  I post one sentence and you want to know everything I have to say?  You can bet I’m going to delete my account once I’m done blogging this.

Doing some research, I find that my question has been brought up elsewhere. Here are 9 answers that journalist Paul Bradshaw gives us:

  1. It’s a great way to publish to mobile devices;
  2. it’s a social networking tool to make contacts and carry on conversations;
  3. it’s a way of discovering new information (through tips and leads);
  4. it’s a great way to follow what’s happening through your mobile (set Twitter up to send you mobile updates)
  5. It’s a way of organising people
  6. It’s a great way of reporting from a live event or other occasions when you only have your phone
  7. You can aggregate a number of twitter feeds to one collective feed of what a group of people are doing
  8. You can push an RSS feed into twitter, creating a mobile/social network update
  9. For bloggers, it’s a good place to put thoughts and ideas that are so brief you wouldn’t normally blog them

From that list, I personally only agree with a few.  Twitter is good for communication via a mobile device.  But seriously, “It’s a way of organizing people?”  I have these things called friends.  In fact, I know them well enough that I don’t need to organize them.  Twitter is just dehumanizing the communication between people.

A majority of the reasons given here have better solutions.  I have carried on conversations for ages on instant messengers.  I network through LinkedIn and occasionally through Facebook.  If an idea is too short to blog about, is it even worth mentioning?  A Facebook status update can provide many of the features here.  Facebook also provides the ability to provide pictures and videos, which results in a more personal communication.

In summary, I personally feel there are better ways to tell everyone every little detail about your life.   Other applications are better at solving the human’s need for communication than Twitter.

Click here to find some more reasons why people think twitter is useful.

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