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Youtube-Wasting Time or Wise Consumer Decision Making Process?

Do you think you are just wasting time on youtube when you can’t stop watching videos?

Don’t worry, you are making right decision. Online marketing is taking in various forms and youtube is one of the most popular ways to start out the market. It is pure competition that exists in the world of youtube.

One good personal experience that marketing on youtube that actually lead a viewer(myself) purchase the product was the video shown below. Igudesmand and Joo had never mass advertised on emails or other banner ads on mass media. Youtube is virtually the only place where they get their word out other than individuals blogging about them. When I was bored and surfing on youtube for “comedy classical music,” this music video came up and cracked me up for an hour. I clicked on their link to their own website, where I found that they were coming to the small college in Erie for the first performance in the USA within a month or two. I immediately bought the ticket for the concert since it was such sensational feeling that the funniest classical musicians I found on youtube were actually coming very close to where I live.

Youtube is a bridge between consumers and marketer, and this is where all viewer preferences are measured and stored. It is very personal. It is very customized. This is the perfect way of doing customer relationship marketing online

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The Low Price of Fame

Collectively, our generation is easily addicted to notable people. Anyone with even a small amount of reputation is clung to by the masses like some sort of savior. People absolutely can’t get enough of celebrities and pop culture icons. But fifteen years ago, in order to achieve this level fame, you actually had to be really good at something. However, the advent of online streaming video, particularly YouTube, has made it much easier to achieve global reputation and be known by millions. Notably hilarious videos quickly become “viral”, meaning that they achieve popularity at an incredible rate due to the abundant networking opportunities created by the internet. Basically, is now possible to become quickly famous simply by being really dumb. Which I think is great. The following are three people who have been launched into a lifestyle of fame and recognition (either good or bad) simply by being stupid in front of a camera.

1. Star Wars Kid

On November 4, 2002, a Canadian teenager named Ghyslain Raza decided to use his school’s video camera to film himself using a golf ball retriever as a star wars light saber to fight off imaginary enemies while making his own dramatic sound effects. He then made the life-altering mistake of leaving this footage on the camera, which some fellow students quickly found and immediately uploaded to the internet. To his dismay, this 2-minute long video quickly exploded all over the internet, and has since become the most viral video of all-time, amassing over a billion views on numerous platforms while inspiring hundreds upon hundreds of parodies.

2. Miss Teen South Carolina

The setting: Miss Teen USA Pageant, 2007:

Host: “Recent polls have shown that a fifth of Americans can’t locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is?”

Miss Teen South Carolina “I personally believe, that U.S. Americans, are unable to do so, because uh, some ,people out there, in our nation don’t have maps, and uh, I believe that our education like such as in South Africa, and the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should uh, our education over here, in the U.S. should help the U.S. or should help South Africa, and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future for our children.”

This monumental lack of on-the-spot intelligence has launched young Miss Lauren Caitlin Upton into a life of fame, allowing her the opportunity to appear on NBC’s The Today Show, attend the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards (where she parodied her own response), numerous television advertisements, and The Amazing Race 16, on which she is currently a contestant. The video has been viewed over 130 million times on various mediums.

3. Boom Goes the Dynamite

This colossal crash-and-burn of a college sportscast quickly became an internet sensation in 2005 after Brian Collins, a former sportscaster for KXXV television in Waco, Texas, agreed to fill in for the regular sportscaster (who was sick) on the Ball State University Campus Newscast. What ensued is widely considered one of the biggest bloopers in sports history. A malfunctioning teleprompter led to a massively awkward and uncomfortable sportscast, the proportions of which are likely to never be seen again. The disaster, however, was redeemed by Collins’ oddly-inserted catchphrase “Boom Goes the Dynamite” which, due to the viral nature of the video, became quickly famous and has been used extensively in sports culture since the incident. This on-air catastrophe netted Collins a great deal of notoriety and even landed him an appearance on The Late Show.

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YouTube as an Advertising Tool

A couple days ago I was watching TV in the SAC when I saw a Toyota commercial that caught my eye.  Not going to bother going into detail about the subject matter of the commercial.  What caught my interest was the link they put up at the end of the commercial directing customers to a YouTube video.

The link brings you to a corny 2-minute mini-sitcom advertising for the new Toyota Sienna. My opinion?  The video’s gay and doesn’t make me want to buy a Sienna, but then I’m not exactly their target market (married couple age 30-40).

What I did like about it was the way it integrated both television and internet advertising by using a short TV ad to hook customers into watching a longer (and cheaper) two minute ad on YouTube.

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Wait, YouTube is a marketing tool?

“I thought YouTube was a place where people with too much time on their hands could show off their home video skills?”  This sentiment may be largely true, but the advertising artists who successfully market via YouTube are demonstrating that the world’s largest video sharing website can enhance branding and boost corporate performance.  But marketing well via YouTube isn’t as easy as filming your company logo and posting it.  An article from the Fluide Media Group discusses several keys to successfully utilizing YouTube to market your business.  In the article, Alok Chowdhury writes about two main points, the content of your video and your optimization strategies.  Both aspects are key to getting your video on the road to millions of views.  Content needs to be entertaining, educational, or informative and the creator needs to consider the title, thumbnails, and other seemingly insignificant details that can have a huge impact on viewing.  Strategies for optimization need to take into account tags, networks, blogs, forums, lists, etc.  The take away point is that content is key and everything matters.

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Youtube cat star becomes offline star

A cat called “Maru” quickly became popular when the owner posted video of him trying to slide into the beer box. This silly and funny cat is now on TV commercial in Japan, mainly broadcasting  on metro train TV in Tokyo.

UQ Communications Inc. is a company that found this video to use for its commercial. With their tagline “Is it in yet?,” they associate that with Maru’s sliding into the box. It is such a clever idea to use this cat video for the Wimax brand, which is a cutting-edge technology to promote a high-speed wireless card. Because people in the metro are usually teen to working age, that is, the primary demographics to use internet, they might access youtube and watch more cats movie and feel the need of faster network. Chances are, they might go to UQ Wimax website that is tagged on the youtube  to look for an easy way to get connected to a higher speed internet.

I included the commercial, unfortunately they only have Japanese version. I added plot so you can follow what’s being said.

UQコミュニケーションズ UQ WiMAX CM 「入ってる? 箱のネコ編」


  • Cat slides into the box
  • asks “Is it in yet?”
  • voice comes in and says “Is Wimax in your laptop?”
  • “New revolution for laptop, new lines are also coming out!”
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