Common perception is that the internet lifestyle is one of beaches, parties, and plenty of leisure time, on top of the boatloads of cash spilling out of a laptop. However, internet entrepreneur and pro-blogger Daniel Scocco interviewed twelve top notch internet entrepreneurs to find out how much they actually work.

The entrepreneurs demonstrated a number of similarities. First, they consistently work seven days a week, even those that take as much time off the weekend as possible to spend with family. Second, vacations are nearly nonexistent. Usually they consist of a long weekend with the family; occasionally a week is taken to travel. And many of the interviewees said they take their computers and put in time even then. Third, work hours per week ranged from forty to over 100 hours per week. Two thirds of the interviewees said they normally worked over sixty hours (even though for some this varied from week to week). One individual said he’s had his share of eighty plus hour weeks and twenty hour weeks. The one exception is Yaro Stark, who claims ten to twenty hours of productive output plus extra time in front of the computer.

When it comes to fixed routines, a little more variety is present. Five entrepreneurs have some form of routine throughout the week while seven say there is very little structure. One reason for a lack of routine is meetings or travel that varies regularly. But one category of reasons was purely psychological. One entrepreneur says he does something until he’s tired of it. Another says he became an entrepreneur for the sake of freedom, so keeps himself productive but has no set schedule.

On average, these entrepreneurs will spend between one to three hours a day on email. There are a few exceptions, where one claimed as high as five hours and another as few as twenty minutes max. When not working, leisure includes time with family and friends, video gaming, reading, and, in one case, enjoying the nightlife.

This interview reveals a couple of key insights into the life of the online entrepreneur. First, hard work is a daily reality. Second, while there may be elements of one’s business that he dislikes, like admin or accounting, his work is more than just a job. It is so much a part of his lifestyle that he struggles to pull himself away from it even while on vacation. Third, structure is minimal, and when it is there, it is oriented around that part of the business the entrepreneur finds most important, fulfilling, and key to his success (which, in most cases, involves writing). Fourth, independence is important. One may find himself in a one hundred hour work week compared to the forty hours he might put in on a corporate job, but those one hundred hours are spent doing his own thing, running his own show, determining himself how he spends his time.

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