One blogger has said LinkedIn is like the public library – People go there, but not often – and if they do, they don’t talk. 

This is a great analogy for potential pitfalls with LinkedIn.  If it’s a social network specifcally meant for business, many people enter the site for the wrong reasons.  Whether those reasons are simply because everyone else is, or to somehow gain an edge (if you’re not active I don’t see how) – it demonstrates that in order for a social network to fulfill its function, people must be channeling communications with each other in a way where function follows form (take that Louis Sullivan).

LinkedIn has strategically structured the site’s function to network for business connection purposes.  Sure, your data is your own, it’s personal, but make it work for you within LinkedIn.  It makes sense that the goofy games and add-ons found in facebook are absent.  However, it seems because facebook has had such a widespread growth across demographics, its platform has become synonomous with general users as to what a social network actually is and worse, how those users behave in it.  I wonder if users translate the general “rules” of business at the office when they log in to LinkedIn.

For the entrepreneur specifically, LinkedIn gives you potential to hundreds of professionals looking for a product or service you might offer.  You also have one place where the possibilities of contacting experts is very fast and easy.  It has the potential to be a powerful tool, but I’m skeptical many users are using the social network properly to its potential.

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