Companies today are using Twitter to deliver value to customers.  One example of this is JetBlue.  When you’re traveling at an airport and you’re waiting to board a plane, if you log on to their free WiFi you can tweet questions about flight numbers and departure times and the JetBlue WiFi is programmed to answer.

Dell has been using Twitter, creating different accounts for different types of computer deals.  This is a unique way of keeping their customers constantly up-to-date on the newest and best ways to save money.

Comcast goes so far as to offer direct customer service, utilizing Twitter as a tool to make customer service more personable and less clunky.

I think that celebrities that tweet every five minutes about the minute and boring details of their lives are almost as pathetic as the low-lifes that waste their time reading their garbage in the first place.  However, maybe there are some positive ways to use Twitter that will change the way companies generate value for customers.

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