Apparently there are some people starting to get pretty mad about Twitter ruining their prime-time television shows. An example of this is a writer on CNET who talks about how excited she was to watch her favorite shows this week, such as Lost, only to log on to Twitter and find that someone had ruined them for her by Tweeting about what happened in this weeks episode. In addition, CBS News even talked about a gold medal that had been won by the USA in the Winter Olympics on their Twitter feed  before the coverage had been aired on the West Coast.

Now these events don’t particularly affect me, because I don’t use Twitter, nor do I care about it or any of these TV shows. However, I know that there are a lot of people who use Twitter and a lot of people who watch many of these TV shows, and I find it ridiculous that there are people who feel the need to post the outcome of these shows to the world. I know how mad I have gotten when movies have been ruined for me before I saw them, and I would be equally as angry if I were an avid Twitter user and had one of my favorite television shows ruined because of these such occurrences.

I already thought Twitter was stupid, but this just makes me think even less of people who use it to tweet their every thought. I mean how little of a life do you have if you feel the need to post this type of content?

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