In 2013 Jagex Games Studios, the creators of RuneScape, a massively popular browser-based computer game was in a tight bind. Subscriber count was dropping off and they needed a new way to generate revenue. By picking the minds of their players the company realized that several updates over the past couple of years had driven away even some of the most die-hard fans of their game. In order to remedy this they came up with a unique solution: bring back a 2007 version of the game and allow the players to decide what is updated and added to the game.

Old School Runescape or 2007Scape was released in 2013 and immediately provided an influx of subscribers. The issue now was coming up with a way to keep these players. Jagex decided that every piece of content added to the game would need to pass a poll that 75% of players supported and have made a specific effort to introduce player-suggested ideas into the game. The staff regularly monitors social media such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook in order to analyze player feedback and to get new ideas of what to introduce to the game. Over the last 4 years since this game was released the subscriber count has steadily risen and now surpasses the amount of current subscribers to the still alive original version that doesn’t have player feedback as a core driving mechanism. This has proven that user driven content and user feedback can be tremendously successful in the video game world.

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