Last night I heard an inspirational speech from the head of Residence Life.  She noted that many people are not comfortable sharing their feelings for fear of judgment, embarrassment, or not being understood; this holds true in society in general, and the church.  Among other things, she argued that every person has the fundamental desire to be known and loved.

Many people are scared to be themselves, instead hiding behind a series of masks.  Honesty and transparency are far from the norm in people, who want to be accepted and appreciated.  These people may not want to come to terms with their weaknesses, fearing that others will see them differently.

But so what?  I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to be transparent with the people that surround you.  What aren’t you saying, and why?  I think once you can  identify that and freely be yourself all the time, you will be a much more effective entrepreneur.  A genuine person is more fun to be around, and allows for better communication.  Being transparent with others will build their faith in you, and then they may come forward with their own pains; patterns of pain often lead to entrepreneurial solutions – only by understanding how people think can you make a difference.


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