6a0147e102ac3c970b019aff0dc0d4970b-800wiI keep having these moments where I discover a new internet businesses and I have to say to my self, “why didn’t I think of that.”  I think this is an all too common occurrence, even with non-internet based businesses.  I was just reading about several internet businesses and my reaction for these was pretty much what I just described above.  A lot of business models are very simple and have a pretty focused effort that when repeated over and over again creates value and generates revenue.  Sometimes I think I need to be spending less time focusing on the day to day things and spend more time just sitting and brainstorming about potential business Ideas.  I feel like the thing that stops me the most from attempting to implement any of the ideas I have had, is that I find one road block or hole in the idea and then I say to myself, “Oh, that won’t work.”   I need to adopt a different mind-set, the mind-set of an entrepreneur.  If all the people that have created great businesses, that are thriving today, stopped the moment they reached their first roadblock or inconsistency, we wouldn’t have any great businesses.

A couple of these internet businesses that gave me the “Oh, why didn’t I think of that,” moment, are as follows.  SantaMail is a business that was started in 2003 and it is exactly what it sounds like.  People pay around $10 so that a letter from “Santa” will be sent to their children.  The letter actually comes from North Pole, Alaska.  Another business is called The Something Store.  It’s really an interesting idea, where a company houses a ton of different items in a warehouse, you spend $10 and they will send you “Something” from their warehouse.  You have no idea what you are going to get, but it will be worth at least $10, and sometimes quite a bit more.  It could be a necklace, an electronic gadget, it could even be a windows tablet or something much more expensive.  More than anything it seems like a unique way to have some fun with $10 and then wait expectantly for your “something” new.  In fact I actually just ordered “Something.” I’ll have to comment and let you all know what it is when I get it, haha.  I hope it’s a rolex.

The point I guess i’m trying to make with this post, is that there are endless possibilities for new and innovative internet business Ideas.  I need to start thinking more about those possibilities and actually take steps toward actually creating the next internet phenomenon.  You too, should be encouraged to do the same.  Thanks for reading. Also, the article I read which touches on some of these unique businesses can be found here.

4 Responses to “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”

  1. Thank you for your post! I absolutely hate thinking “Why did’nt I think of that?” It is so frustrating. BUT each idea we hear/read about is pushing us toward a better, more refined perspective of the world, which could help us craft our “breakthrough” idea.

  2. You’re very right. These businesses seem so simple, yet it seems like I never think of something so needed and viable. Though, I do question the market for The Something Store. To me it seems like it may not be sustainable, because most people probably do it for the novelty of it once or twice, but not much beyond that. I’d be interested in seeing where they go in the future.

  3. I understand that feeling, and totally agree that if we take more time to sit and ponder business ideas, good ones will definitely come about. I hope to do a lot of thinking this summer about new ideas that can be utilized to create unique value for consumers.

  4. nickschafhauser says:

    I always have one of those moments! whenever I watch shark tank i always think “why didnt I think of that!”. also, the something store seems pretty awesome.

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