Air travel. One of the most hectic things one will ever experience. From baggage check-in to claim, boarding to landing, TSA guidelines to overhead baggage compartments, there has got to be some way to make this commonly used commuting carrier (say that 5 times fast) easier, right?

Enter DUFL

What is DUFL?

  • “DUFL is a premium, luxury travel service; a personal valet for business travelers that cares for and maintains their belongings beyond shipping to a single destination.” – DUFL faq page
  • Using on a free app to connect with their audiences, customers are able to store a travel bag in the DUFL warehouse (provided upon subscription) during non-travel time
  • When you need to travel, simply enter your travel date, location, and hotel and arrive with your luggage there already!

How does it work?

  1. Register: DUFL’s app is free and so is creating an account! when registered, DUFL will send you a DUFL suitcase (generic black with a company sticker on it) for you to fill up with your clothes/personal effects (i.e. toiletries).
  2. Storage: DUFL stores your bag in a warehouse after taking inventory of all your items via picture. said pictures are then uploaded to a virtual closet accessible on your phone!
  3. Take a Trip: open your DUFL app and input all of you travel information (dates, hotel, travel period, etc.) and then check off your items you want packed for your trip! when you make it to your hotel, your DUFL will be there waiting for you. (* Standard $99 trip includes 3-day shipping to destination, 3-day return shipping to warehouse and cleaning and processing. Overnight shipping is available at an additional charge of $49 each way.)
  4. Go Home: Once you’re done with your travels simply log on to your app again, schedule a pick up, slap on the provided shipping label and leave at your hotel desk to be picked up by DUFL.
  5. Relax: When your clothes go back to DUFL, you’ll be notified it’s been received. inventory will be taken once again for you to approve and then DUFL will take care of the cleaning, folding and storage!

Why use it?

  • Skip the packing hassle – Why spend the night before (or all week) packing for your trip? DUFL cleans, stores and packs your bag for you in a timely manner and always takes great care to make sure your clothes are in pristine condition!
  • Skip the Baggage-check in & Claim lines – Forget standing in line, you want to get to you gate! DUFL sends your bag straight to your hotel so it’s there for you to pick up right when you check in!
  • Never buy Another Suitcase – DUFL provides a free suitcase as long as it is back in a warehouse in 30 days AND as long as you are under the subscription service ( $9.95/month for storage & virtual closet).
  • Keep Your Closet Updated – DUFL doesn’t have a limit to the number of items stored. DUFL will send you an address and shipping label to send your clothes straight from your home! Want to throw out that outdated top? DUFL will send it back to you on on request! And with the app, keeping track of your clothing inventory is quick and easy!

One Response to “Why Pack When you can DUFL?”

  1. stewartnt1 says:

    This idea is brilliant! I think it has a very specific target market, the busiest of travelers, but is something that a frequent flyer could find extremely convenient. What could be more next generation than outsourcing your own packing. DUFL is on to something clever and I think it will continue to succeed as long as the world keeps traveling.

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