Have you ever wondered why wikipedia doesn’t have any advertisements? Or possibly you have noticed when trying to add or edit an existing wikipedia page that it is never kept, but is always restored back to its regular settings? Maybe, it hit you one day just how huge wikipedia is and how much information the site holds.

The most outstanding part of all of this is it is free. So how does a site with no advertisements, a vast amount of data to manage and host on servers, and a staff that is constantly filtering and editing the online encyclopedia stay in business? In other words how does wikipedia make money?

wikipediaThe simple answer is this. It doesn’t. Wikipedia is a non-profit site run by the The Wikimedia Foundation. Just because wikipedia is non-profit thought doesn’t mean it still doesn’t need funding. So where does wikipedia raise it’s funds?

The Wikimedia Foundation mostly raises money through public donations. It also receives a small portion of its funds through small corporate sponsorships. Wikimedia will run raise the majority of its funds through 3-4 intensive fund raising efforts throughout the year.

The money that is raised by the Wikimedia Foundation mostly goes to buy new servers and keep the site running. But what else does the Wikimedia Foundation support? While Wikipedia is The Wikimedia Foundation’s bread and butter site, they also support a number of other wiki sites.

Each of the above sites are supported and funded by The Wikimedia Foundation and can be explored in greater detail by visiting the wikimediafoundation.org. The Wikimedia Foundation site also allows you to give donations to the above sites.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to check out some of the other wiki sites. Wikipedia is the 4th most visited site in the world! The creators of such a site must have done some good work for their other sites as well.

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