Flea Markets always fascinate me as I drive down the highway and look out my window at the tables filled with piles of colorful widgets and whatcha-ma-call-its. I’ve never stopped at a flea market though because the probability that I’ll stumbleupon an original painting or ancient piece of pottery to pawn-off on Ebay seems slim to none.  I have the same attitude towards StumbleUpon, a glorified digital flee market of ideas, pictures, and articles.

7 million  users are currently clicking, sifting, and surfing through endless web pages to find that treasure of an image, article, or tibit that will revolutionize their lives.  It has to be there among the piles of junk like Aunt Mildred’s recipe for cooking artichoke hearts or Bobby Boy’s cat cartoon.  Is it worth it?  Maybe one day I will slow down my car and wander down the isles of a flea market.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get lucky and find a diamond in the rough.  For now though, I maintain that StumbleUpon is not worth the time or the effort. I’m going to pass this one by.

oh…I spent about half an hour clicking through the website.  Here is what I found.  They say time is money. I think I paid too much for this picture.

Something I "Stumbled Upon"

Something I "Stumbled Upon"

2 Responses to “The WorldWide Flea Market”

  1. I strongly agree! Stumbleupon is a great idea and in practise it works well but…it is not worth the time and effort. I felt upset at the time i “wasted” on this site and when i came away i had nothing to show for it, at least at a flea market i could have picked something up!

  2. paddddddddyyyyyy says:

    don’t be a hata, don’t be a hata babe, stumble iz good for some peeps aight? live and let live let’s chill out

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