I saw a commercial for theladders.com on the Superbowl and immediately thought it was a great idea.  Theladders has a focused target market that has not been catered to in the online job search market.  Monster and CareerBuilder’s strength is their unmatched number of jobs, but theladders promises high paying jobs.


The people looking for 100K+ jobs up to this point probably haven’t been availing themselves of Monster and CareerBuilder, but with the economy as it is, many of these executives are now looking for jobs, and theladders provides just the place for them.  Theladders sends a clear message, “don’t waste your time elsewhere, we’ve prescreened the jobs, and we’ve got a lot that need someone as qualified as you.”

Theladders has done a great job of finding a need and presenting a clear solution.

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  1. Good point! Well-done on this post. I think you put your finger on the money (pun intended). Theladders.com is really capitalizing on a niche market.

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