A cat called “Maru” quickly became popular when the owner posted video of him trying to slide into the beer box. This silly and funny cat is now on TV commercial in Japan, mainly broadcasting  on metro train TV in Tokyo.

UQ Communications Inc. is a company that found this video to use for its commercial. With their tagline “Is it in yet?,” they associate that with Maru’s sliding into the box. It is such a clever idea to use this cat video for the Wimax brand, which is a cutting-edge technology to promote a high-speed wireless card. Because people in the metro are usually teen to working age, that is, the primary demographics to use internet, they might access youtube and watch more cats movie and feel the need of faster network. Chances are, they might go to UQ Wimax website that is tagged on the youtube  to look for an easy way to get connected to a higher speed internet.

I included the commercial, unfortunately they only have Japanese version. I added plot so you can follow what’s being said.

UQコミュニケーションズ UQ WiMAX CM 「入ってる? 箱のネコ編」


  • Cat slides into the box
  • asks “Is it in yet?”
  • voice comes in and says “Is Wimax in your laptop?”
  • “New revolution for laptop, new lines are also coming out!”

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