YouTube has been the monopoly of online video uploads and watching for years on end. Whenever people think to watch a video, either for pleasure, or for knowledge, YouTube is the place to go. Being such a huge company that allows people to upload their own personal content onto their site is taking a risk. Their are certain security checks in place of course. You can report inappropriate content or a fake video, but being such a huge company, their was a lot of room to sneak through the cracks and take advantage of the system. Lately YouTube has been cracking down on two types of videos on their platform. The first platform that they started to crack down on were the videos that had algorithms attached that enabled them to have more views than would be possible normally. Taking down and banning those particular videos or channels, YouTube is hoping to “clean up their streets.” The more controversial topic in the YouTube community is the demonetization of videos with controversial topics. YouTube is taking videos that have controversial topics, mainly news channels and demonetizing their videos so that the creator does not receive any ad revenue from that video. This has created a crack in the road in the YouTube community. YouTubers are offended because they now feel like they do not have the freedom of speech and will be limited to what they can say in their videos now. Many big name YouTube celebrities and other people have left YouTube in order to prove a point to the company that they need to treat their content creators with a little more respect and admiration for all of the different content that they upload. One star that left the platform was Phillip DeFranco. YouTubers are crying out to the company to stop trying to control their videos and to let content creators create.

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  1. StarcherTa1 says:

    It’s good to see that YouTube is really trying to create a better community for the viewers.

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