Are you bored? Do you need something weekly to watch and laugh?  Typical Web 2.0, user generated content on Youtube  video, “Annoying Orange” can be your new favorite video. (new episodes come out every Friday).

Everyone’s “least” favorite (definitely my favorite) short movie series “Annoying Orange” is now written on the front page article of the Wall Street Journal.

It started out of this individual Dane Boedigheimer who recorded his voice and took out his eyes (only one side and duplicating for both) and lips, turning them to yellow to match with the generic orange, a fruit. Its obnoxious look and dark humor became instantly a billion hit on youtube.

The article talks about how the creator  Boedigheimer made it into a business, which now sells t-shirts and weekly launches new episodes. He is now making his living by that video through advertisement revenue and t-shirt sales.

This orange is really annoying, but once you see this, it is stuck in your head. You will hear never ending echo… “Hey Apple, hey, hey Apple, hey…”

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