Do you lack the motivation to get off your couch and get running? I know I do. Even after years of playing football, it is still hard for me to get the motivation to go out running.

Well, now there may be a fun solution to this problem. The new app Zombies, Run! has been developed to help with this problem and make running more enjoyable.

Zombies, Run! is an interactive fitness app that puts you in an apocalyptic world where you are trying to survive in the country of England. Your mission is to gather survival resources throughout this world and stay alive while doing it. The fun twist this game has to offer is that on occasion you will be met with some zombies that will chase you for a period of time. This aspect of the app helps force users to stay on their toes at all times. This is perfect for a fitness app since the goal is to get people out moving.

This app is just another great example of solving a small problem with something new and fun. If you’re going to do something why not have fun doing it.

One Response to “Zombies, Run!”

  1. This sort of reminds me of Pokemon go. It seems like there is a new wave of more interactive/GPS apps that people are downloading more and more. Like Pokemon Go, this apps gets people moving in an enjoyable way. It really is great to see a problem solved in such a unique way.

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